Research Topic - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Dear Colleagues

We are co-editing a Research Topic "Fluctuating Habitats: Ecological Relevance of Environmental Variability and Predictability on Species, Communities, and Ecosystems", within the journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (

New deadline for submissions 31 December 2021

Our main goal is to bring together original research papers, perspectives, and reviews focusing on the effect of environmental variability and its predictability on the ecology and evolution of macro- (e.g., plants and ectotherms animals) and micro-organisms, at population and community levels from habitats experiencing environmental fluctuations; it has the aim to meliorate our understanding of how environmental variability and its predictability (i.e., the regular cycling of an environmental variable across time) drive population and community assembly across fluctuating habitats, ranging from deserts to coastlines and even urbanized environments. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review to guarantee high scientific quality and relevance to the subject.

All the best,

Ramona Marasco and Marco Fusi (on behalf of the Topic Editors)