Segnalo il messaggio di Marc-Andre Lachance relativo a Spring Issue Yeast Newsletter 2021 per la raccolta dell’elenco di pubblicazioni degli ultimi anni riguardanti tematiche sui lieviti. Esempio allegato


Dear Friends: We are ready to assemble copy for the Spring issue of the Yeast Newsletter. Items of interest are summaries of recently completed research projects, or those in press or very recently published; descriptions of new yeast species; summaries of recently completed dissertations; undergraduate project summaries or short essays dealing with yeast research; progress reports; lectures presented at meetings of scholarly societies; future meetings dealing with yeasts; changes in employment; book reviews; "Letters to the Editor". We appreciate the receipt of news items from various readers since the appearance of the last issue.

This material will appear in the Spring issue.

Please send your contribution by e-mail (

Please give your attached file a unique name (i.e., yournameYNL.doc). Please send your information before May 14 2021.

M.A. Lachance, Editor, Yeast Newsletter Department of Biology University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7